Train the new generation of leaders…

Founded in Russia in 1992, the Network of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe has developed and diversified in the last twenty years and today constitutes the most important network of young public leaders in Europe.

The Network aims to promote European values by actively creating the next generation of leaders in the whole Eastern and South-East Europe, the Caucasus and, since 2012, countries of the Southern Mediterranean region.

The Yerevan School is part of the European Association of Schools of Political Studies established by the Council of Europe. Today the Association unites 21 institutions functioning in Russian Federation, Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Armenia, Ukraine, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia, the countries of the Visegrád Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), Turkey and Greece. There is an ongoing interest to expand the Network of Schools even further.

The Schools of Political Studies are called to promote training and development of civil and democratic values, to ensure exchange of information, experiences and resources as well as contribute to the processes of integration of new democracies to European structures. They provide maximum support to the emergence of a new generation of managers, politicians, NGO and trade union leaders, journalists and businessmen, capable of formulating and implementing European values and ideals.