Since its foundation in 2005, YSPS has offered advanced political education to more than 350 young leaders. The programme insures a highly qualitative, stimulating and interactive educational environment for potential future leaders of Armenia.

The Yerevan School of Political Studies is an institute with no party affiliation whose aim is to promote and disseminate democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

In addition to implementing many programmes, from its very start YSPS has been initiating numerous events aimed at the expert and wider public dealing with various topics by organizing international and national conferences, regional and local seminars, lectures, round tables, debates, etc. YSPS carries out activities designed to directly involve citizens and their organizations in policy-making including schemes supporting the democratization process in Armenia.

YSPS mission is to contribute to the building of an open democratic society in Armenia based on the respect of the rule of law, the strict observation of human rights and the development of civic initiatives.

The aim of the School consists in helping the younger generation of Armenian politicians broaden their outlook and to promote democratic culture in Armenia. YSPS objectives of are:
  • to encourage the emergence of a community of young political and civic leaders dedicated to implementing a contemporary democratic model of government;

  • to facilitate the process of building and continuously developing a new democratic leadership in the political sphere as well as in other areas of public life of Armenia;

  • to extend participants’ understanding of the core principles of good governance, such as democracy, the rule of law, legitimacy, transparency, accountability, accessibility and respect for human rights;

  • to strengthen civil society and involve it into the solution of political, social, cultural and other issues of Armenia;

  • to foster a generation of young politicians and decision-makers, genuine civil society leaders to advocate for democratic policy changes;

  • to foster a modern political culture based on the shared values of pluralism, tolerance and open dialogue;

  • to foster an appreciation of the values of participation, inclusion and the free exchange of ideas, thus helping to create a vibrant and dynamic civic society;

  • to provide participants with opportunities to improve their personal leadership, communication and presentation skills;

  • to provide opportunities for political and civic like-minded leaders from across the spectrum of public life to come together to discuss a wide range of political, social and economic issues;

  • to facilitate an ongoing dialogue and cooperation between current participants and alumni of the School, thus contributing to the formation of a new generation of political and civic leaders in the country.
YSPS serves as an open platform for free and constructive discussion of developments in Armenia and brainstorming about new ideas. The School creates social capital and networking opportunities that cut across narrow professional interests. The intention is to help young leaders to increase their understanding of politics thus enabling them to play the fullest possible role in the political process.