ABOUT US Guest Speakers


The learning process of the Yerevan School of Political Studies brings together a wide range of national and international prominent lecturers and experts who not only offer lectures and training to the participants but also establish dialogue, interact and exchange practical experience with them.

More than 150 leading local and international experts, politicians, researchers and diplomats from different parts of the world have been involved in YSPS as lecturers who were highly evaluated by our participants and to whom we are extremely grateful for fruitful cooperation. They influence and shape the opinion and decision-making processes in high political circles in Armenia and beyond as well as provide strategic input on YSPS development and programme orientation.

The Yerevan School of Political Studies would like to thank all of its lecturers for their contribution to the realization of our programmes. YSPS experts form the unique professional environment and help to get the insight of many social and political processes.

Among YSPS guest speakers are Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, President of the Constitutional Court of Armenia, Former Prime Minister of Canada, Political Advisor for the NATO Headquarters, EU Special Representative to the South Caucasus, Ambassadors and foreign diplomats, representatives of the Council of Europe, European Union, Venice Commission, professors of Sorbonne, Strasbourg, Hamburg and other European Universities. Local experts are practitioners, academics recognized in their field of competence.