ABOUT US Participants and Alumni


The Yerevan School of Political Studies stepped into the eleventh year of its existence. Over 350 advanced and mid-career individuals have already passed through YSPS.

The programme is unique in providing training in the practical aspects of democratic governance and brings together representatives of all political parties, civil society organizations, government institutions rather than targeting a particular group or a single issue.

The School targets young professionals, politicians, public leaders from across Armenia who have already “achieved a certain status” and shown their ability to be “agents for change”. 

The School alumni are young people with impressive professional achievements. They represent both opposition and government. Among them there are Members of Parliament, Minister, Deputy Ministers, Regional Governor, representatives of the Staffs of the President of the Republic, National Assembly, Constitutional Court, Ministries, representatives of active NGOs, mid-level state officials from the national and regional administration, well-known journalists and political analysts, directors of leading Armenian think-tank organizations, political parties officials, young activists, religious leaders, leading business managers, etc.

Their accomplishments, multiplied by the inspiration, contacts and knowledge received through YSPS, drives their further progress. The statistics shows that more than 70% of our alumni demonstrate considerable carrier growth.

By bringing together representatives of different (even bitterly estranged) political option as well as representatives of different sectors and decision-making levels, new constructive bonds are being built thus facilitating the transformation of Armenian society into a modern European democracy.

The link between School and participants does not end on completion of the course. YSPS alumni are regularly invited guests at seminars and other events organized by the School. A particularly interesting form of knowledge transfer is engagement of former participants as lecturers at events organised for new YSPS generations. Alumni have become one big family, thanks to the School’s efforts to keep them actively involved. They design new programs and place new challenges in front of YSPS. We are developing a genuine alumni network which is expanding from event to event.

Due to YSPS alumni network accumulation and consolidation of intellectual potential of the Armenia is gathered in one place. YSPS participants are individuals who will become all important human resource of tomorrow’s Armenia – its political, social, administrative and business elite.