PROJECTS First Time Voters


“First Time Voters” project aims to raise the level of awareness of the significance of democratic rules and procedures, as well as to pass a better understanding of the importance of free and fair elections, in general and the role and importance of elections, in particular.

The project goal is to develop a politically mature and informed citizenry as well as enlightened electorate and guide, empower and encourage first time voters to exercise their rights and participate in the electoral process.

Our guiding principle: YOUR VOTE MATTERS!  

How things are going to work in details...

In order to ensure proper conduct of the project, the activities are carried out through cascade methodology.

22 qualified trainers are trained on how to pass knowledge to high school educators about democracy, human rights, rule of law, electoral and voting procedures as well as how to conduct voting simulation for schoolchildren who experience the electoral process for the first time in their schools.

220 high school educators from 110 high schools of the Republic of Armenia (2 educators from each high school) receive special trainings on modern methodology of voter education for passing on knowledge to pupils by involving them into voting simulation.

33.000 pupils from 110 high schools of the Republic of Armenia are trained and instructed on democratic election procedures, their rights and obligations as voters, as well as empowered to participate in the electoral processes. They practice their role as citizens in the electoral processes in schools.

“First Time Voters” manual as well as exercises and practical tests are elaborated to help pupils to make use of the knowledge acquired and to avoid mistakes in polling stations during the elections.

“First Time Voters” project is implemented by the Yerevan School of Political Studies in close partnership and coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia and the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia.

The project is part of “Long-term electoral assistance to the election related stakeholders in Armenia” funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe.

For more information, please visit project website: http://ftv.ysps.am/