European School of Political Studies in Armenia is an interesting platform.

The initiative is welcomed and very useful for me personally.

The interactions with the students give opportunity to clarify way of thinking, to systematize thoughts, to identify the problems of perception. We face difficult problems nowadays and their solutions are not simple. The trainings give a unique opportunity to hear young politicians, to understand their concerns and listen to their advices.

The School accumulates people who are to shape our future, and their mentality, ideas, analytical skills have essential role. In a sense, we deal with accumulation and growth of national wealth.  

I congratulate the initiators and wish new achievements.

I hope our cooperation will give positive results.


Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (2008-2014)

Armenia can be proud of having such a School.

Mr. Steven EKOVICH,
Professor of the American University in Paris

I see YSPS brought together people who are concerned with the future of Armenia.

Mr. John EVANS,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to Armenia (2004-2006)

Since the creation of the first School in Moscow in 1992, the Schools have been training people who dare to think, dare to know, dare to speak and dare to act in the interest of democracy, human rights and the rule of law...

Right Honourable Terry DAVIS,
Secretary General of the Council of Europe (2005-2010)

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and to discuss US policy in the South Caucasus. I am proud to have met such a brilliant group. The tough questions you posed showed how engaged you are. I have high hopes for Armenia with such leaders.
All the best

Mr. Anthony GODFREY,
Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy in Armenia 

Thank you very much for a perfect opportunity not only to give and share my own thoughts but also to have to think hard about many issues. The excellent questions have given me an opportunity to see many things from a different perspective. I will bring that perspective to Brussels and I am looking forward to coming back!

Mr. Peter SEMNEBY,
EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus (2006-2011)

The only way to become a real political leader is by winning the support, the trust and the confidence and therefore the votes of the people you want to lead. When you do that, as some of you have already done, you become a genuine political leader.
Neither a Council of Europe School of Political Studies nor the Summer University for Democracy will give you a ticket to leadership and power, but they will give you the skills, the experience, the contacts and the knowledge, the democratic values, the standards and the principles which will help you to achieve your ambitions. That is the whole point of this programme.

Right Honourable Terry DAVIS,
Secretary General of the Council of Europe (2005-2010)

В первую очередь хочу отметить прекрасную атмосферу Школы. Аудитория готова к диалогу, прекрасно воспринимает даже политические и критические тезисы. Нельзя также не отметить высокий уровень подготовки слушателей, их знание материала. Желаю Школе дальнейших успехов, новых интересных обсуждений и непрерывных идей. И конечно, новых открытий, идей, слушателей и экспертов.

Заведующий отделом проблем межнациональных отношений Института политического и военного анализа
Москва, Россия

It has been a great pleasure to meet and speak with the young men and women who will be so important in creating Armenia’s future. I look forward to meeting you again, and I wish you all great success.
Look after yourselves. You are all national treasures. 

Former Prime-Minister of Canada

It has given me a great pleasure and satisfaction to have the opportunity to meet a young generation of the future elites of Armenia. I hope that our sincere and lively exchange of views would be helpful in mutual understanding of the encouraging perspectives that could be opened with the strengthening of the cooperation and common activity of the European Union and Armenia.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to Armenia