2007 Edition: Building bridges between past and future to develop a common European project

Reconsidering the European project together was the goal of the second edition of the Summer University for Democracy in 2007. 600 participants from the then 15 Schools of Political Studies, had an opportunity to confront their ideas and experiences of citizenship, national and European identity, freedom of press, social cohesion and governance...

Beyond the crucial importance of the democratisation process in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe after 1989, the 2007 Summer University highlighted the fact that these topics represent the main challenges for all European democracies, both new and old. Safeguarding democracy was seen as an on-going and never-ending process which requires constant efforts and remains a work in progress.

In that context the Summer University has established itself as a major vector for democracy in Europe or as the then Mayor of Strasbourg, Fabienne Keller, put it “a fantastic driving force for a project for the future of our continent.”

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