ABOUT US Facts and Figures


- The Yerevan School of Political Studies is part of the European Association of Schools of Political Studies established by the Council of Europe which involves about 600 participants each year;

- YSPS has 9 generations of alumni;

- Over 350 participants have successfully finished the programme;

- Over 150 lecturers from the country and abroad have been involved in YSPS events;

- Over 50 seminars’ sessions are organized annually;

- Over 200 topics have been discussed at YSPS activities;

- Average age of YSPS participants is 30;

- Gender balance of YSPS participants is ~50/50;

- There are more than 120 candidates of sciences among YSPS alumni;

- Within eight years of work, YSPS calendar includes numerous prestigious events - conferences, seminars, workshops, study visits, round tables, debates, simulation games, etc. for different target groups on local, regional and international level. 

- YSPS representatives participated in more than 50 international events in different European and CIS countries.